Design/Writing/Programming Sampler

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Tracks & 140-Character Descriptions

  1. Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F, BMV 1047: 1. (Allegro) J.S. Bach

    I love classical music. Maurice Andre was my favorite on trumpet, my original instrument, and plays here some amazing music of the Baroque.

  2. Pathétique Ludwig van Beethoven / Wolf Hoffman

    Metal and classical share many similarities. Nobody shows that better han Wolf Hoffman, longtime metal guitarist for Germany’s Accept.

  3. Rubycon (Part One) Tangerine Dream

    When I program, I love to hear electronic instruments. Stranger Things fans will recognize the analog synths from this sprawling 70s epic.

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  1. Just Like You Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

    Nine Inch Nails changed how I understood electronic music. NIN’s Trent Reznor’s collaborations on film scores allow my mind to wander.

  2. Remembrance Day God is an Astronaut

    There are many post-rock bands, but GIAA resonates with me. Abrupt shifts from ambience to grinding guitars keep me engaged on hard tasks.

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  1. For Mom Buckethead

    Since college, this has been my hypnotic go-to album to write to. Known for speed metal, Buckethead is here something wholly different.

  2. Ballad for Kay Acoustic Alchemy

    My dad played Acoustic Alchemy for me as a kid. This is them at their most acoustic, on an album good for focus and settling down.

  3. Blues for Gordon Béla Fleck and the Flecktones

    I have a thing for virtuoso musicianship. Harder to find it in purer form than the Flecktones and their blend of bluegrass, blues, and jazz.

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  1. Blue Train John Coltrane

    I never played jazz well, but I can never listen to enough of it. Coltrane’s classic album consistently wakes my brain to unusual solutions

  2. Actual Proof Herbie Hancock

    When I don’t have patience for jazz, I often need funk to energize me. Nobody does that quite like Herbie and 70s bassist Paul Jackson.

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  1. Mind Train Buckethead

    The deadline looms and it’s time I return to familiar sonic home turf of metal, and the impossible, impeccable guitar work of Buckethead.