Welcome & Introductions; The Web in 2018

Week One
  1. Monday, August 20 Video

    1. Welcome & introductions
    2. Course policies & calendar
    3. Course technologies
  2. Wednesday, August 22

    1. No class meeting. Participate in Basecamp discussion about your expectations for learning web development

Core Web Languages and Responsive Design; Version Control (Git)

Week Two
  1. Monday, August 27 Video

    1. File systems and basics of version control/Git
    2. A walk through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript syntax & fundamentals, with a Git assist
  2. Wednesday, August 29 Video

    1. Introduce first Production Problem & turn-in procedure
    2. Deeper into Git: remotes (set up course demos remote)
    3. Foundational well-formed, valid semantic HTML pages
    4. Portable, offline documentation:
    5. HTML Tags: Past, Present, Proposed
    6. Current HTML specs: HTML 5.2 (2017); HTML: The Living Standard
    7. Important legacy HTML specs: HTML 4.01 (1999); XHTML 1.0 (2000/2002); HTML5 (2014)
    8. Working with the HTML Markup Validation Service

Well-Formed, Valid Semantic HTML

Week Three
  1. Monday, September 3: Labor Day, NO CLASS

  2. Wednesday, September 5 Video

    1. ARC resources available to ITMD 361 students
    2. Introduce first project

From HTML to CSS: Syntax, Mobile-First Approaches

Week Four
  1. Monday, September 10 Video

    1. Setting a better default editor in Git
    2. HTML documentation, sectioning elements
    3. Developing reusable semantic HTML patterns
    4. Global structural attributes: class and id
    5. HTML linting with htmllint (CLI); .htmllintrc configuration
    6. ITMD 361 house-style .htmllintrc
  2. Wednesday, September 12 Video

    1. Updated ITMD 361 house-style .htmllintrc
    2. Setting the viewport, including for Safari 9.0 and later on iOS
    3. Foundations: working with reset styles
    4. CSS syntax
    5. CSS style
    6. CSS and Mobile-First Responsive Web Design

CSS: Typography Fundamentals; Responsive Units of Measure

Week Five
  1. Monday, September 17 Video

    1. Two Git things: ignoring certain files; dev branches
    2. Foundational typographic styles
    3. Units of measure in CSS
  2. Wednesday, September 19 Video

    1. Typographic/modular scales
    2. Setting text on a baseline grid

JavaScript: Syntax & Fundamentals

Week Six
  1. Monday, September 24 Video

    1. MDN JavaScript Reference
    2. Working with the JavaScript console (node, browser)
    3. JavaScript fundamentals: syntax, data types, structures, style
    4. Functions
  2. Wednesday, September 26 Video

    1. Collections: Arrays and object literals

Site Scoping and Planning; Stylesheet Organization, Media Queries

Week Seven
  1. Monday, October 1 Video

    1. Introduce Project Two
    2. Scoping and planning a site: assets, paths
    3. Using a single stylesheet across an entire site
  2. Wednesday, October 3 Video

    1. Organizing stylesheets (SMACSS)
    2. Mobile-first styles and media queries
    3. CSS style & linting; ITMD 361 style
    4. Site-wide typography and type selection

CSS: Introduction to Page Layout

Week Eight
  1. Monday, October 8: Fall Break, NO CLASS

  2. Wednesday, October 10 Video

    1. Quick introduction to responsive images
    2. Old-school page layout with float, position, and frenemies
    3. Modern page layout with display: flex (Flexbox) and display: grid (CSS Grid)

CSS: Page Layout (Fluid Grids); Web APIs and Feature Detection

Week Nine
  1. Monday, October 15 Video

    1. Deeper into page layout with flexbox and CSS Grid
    2. Pulling layout into a mobile-first approach to design
  2. Wednesday, October 17 Video

    1. Essential Web APIs: window, document objects
    2. HTML form elements
    3. Feature detection with Modernizr, @supports
    4. Resetting or overriding old-school layout styles; feature-detection selectors

Accessible, Responsive Images and Media

Week Ten
  1. Monday, October 22 Video

    1. Working with accessible image media in HTML5:
    2. Responsive images: srcset and <picture>
  2. Wednesday, October 24 Video

    1. Working with accessible audio & video in HTML5:
    2. Responsive media and CSS grid layout

Unobtrusive JavaScript & Progressive Enhancement

Week Eleven
  1. Monday, October 29 Video

    1. Unobtrusive JavaScript with event listeners
  2. Wednesday, October 31

    1. No class meeting. Participate in Basecamp discussion

JavaScript: DOM Scripting and Frameworks (Or Not)

Week Twelve
  1. Monday, November 5 Video

    1. Navigation structure and styling
    2. HTML forms and form elements
    3. Deeper into DOM scripting
    4. Inserting JavaScript-dependent HTML into the DOM
    5. Linting with ESLint (CLI)
    6. Hinting with JSHint (Web), JSHint (CLI)
  2. Wednesday, November 7 Video

    1. Libraries versus native JavaScript
    2. JavaScript DOM libraries:

JavaScript: Progressive Enhancement and Page Performance

Week Thirteen
  1. Monday, November 12 Video

    1. Introduce Project Three
    2. Progressively enhanced links and navigation
  2. Wednesday, November 14

    1. No class; Stolley out sick

Open Q&A Day

Week Fourteen
  1. Monday, November 19 Video

    1. Stolley answers questions about JavaScript, the DOM, or anything else covered in class this semester
  2. Wednesday, November 21: Thanksgiving Break, NO CLASS

Parting Material: HTTP 1.1, HTTP/2, and REST Architecture; Server-Side Web Development

Week Fifteen
  1. Monday, November 26 Video

    1. HTTP 1.1, HTTP/2, and REST Architecture
    2. Assessing server-side libraries/frameworks, using Ruby on Rails as an example
  2. Wednesday, November 28

    1. No class meeting. Stolley available electronically to provide help on final projects.