Week One

Technical Foundations

Week Two

Accessibility and Web Standards


Monday, January 17

  1. No class. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday

Wednesday, January 19

  1. Online class.
  2. Accessibility and web standards review
  3. Linting HTML
Week Three

Typography; Visual Regression Testing

Week Four

Color and Color Theory


Monday, January 31

  1. ITMO announcement
  2. HTML form elements
  3. Form elements and interface typography
  4. Web fonts and a bit more typeface anatomy
  5. Color on electronic displays
  6. Color models in computing generally, CSS specifically

Wednesday, February 2

  1. Online class.
  2. Color theory
  3. Color and accessibility
  4. Creating color palettes and schemes
  5. Color profiles and digital images
Week Five

Form Data and JavaScript; NightwatchJS

Week Six

Touch Interfaces; Advanced Form Concepts


Monday, February 14

  1. No class.

Wednesday, February 16

  1. Calendar and deadline updates
  2. Touch interfaces, screen sizes, and input devices
  3. Comparing controlled form inputs (selects, radios, datalists)
  4. Progressive disclosure
Week Seven

Page and Interface Layouts


Monday, February 21

  1. Online class.
  2. Grid-based layout: history, theory, and terminology
  3. Conceiving a responsive, grid-based layout
  4. Executing grid layouts in CSS
  5. Leveraging intrinsic web design
  6. Last bits of progressive disclosure

Wednesday, February 23

  1. Maintaining data between page refreshes with LocalStorage
  2. Grids in page layouts
  3. Layout of interface components
  4. Preserving room for user alerts
  5. Grid layouts for UI modules
Week Eight

Project-Related Questions and Issues


Monday, February 28

  1. No class.

Wednesday, March 2

  1. Revised Project One deadlines
  2. Paths refresher
  3. Buttons vs anchors; backwards and forwards movement
  4. Form actions and methods
  5. Form-element styling for uniformity (e.g., <input> and <select>)
  6. Placeholder values
  7. JavaScript topics: form submission; data in localStorage; user alerts; CC by type
Week Nine

Forms and localStorage; Advanced Event-Handling, Tests


Monday, March 7

  1. Working through a localStorage example
  2. Debouncing vs. throttling events
  3. Intercepting submit events and processing data before proceeding
  4. Providing users with humane error-messages

Wednesday, March 9

  1. Any remaining Project One Qs
  2. More sophisticated tests with NightwatchJS, BackstopJS
Week Ten

Spring Break


Monday, March 14

  1. No class.

Wednesday, March 16

  1. No class.
Week Eleven

Git in Team Settings; Coupling Tests to Git

Week Twelve

Emergency JavaScript Review; PRs and Merge Conflicts

Week Thirteen

Usability and Usability Testing


Monday, April 4

  1. No class.

Wednesday, April 6

  1. Usability principles
  2. Usability as engineering practice
  3. Usability testing
Week Fourteen

Dark Patterns and Deceptive Design; UI Topics


Monday, April 11

  1. Online class.
  2. Dark patterns in UI design
  3. Dark patterns in JavaScript, Web APIs

Wednesday, April 13

  1. Online class.
  2. Data attributes refresher
  3. Working with monetary values in richly structured HTML and JavaScript
  4. Creating, dispatching, and listening for synthetic events
  5. Accessible, responsive, progressively-enhanced slideover interface designs
Week Fifteen

Leftover Testing Topics; Work Week

Week Sixteen

Work Week


Monday, April 25

  1. No class.
  2. Stolley available for one-on-one help

Wednesday, April 27

  1. No class.
  2. Stolley available for one-on-one help

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