Course Calendar

Welcome & Introductions; The Web in 2018

Week One
  1. Monday, August 20

    1. Welcome & introductions
    2. Course policies & calendar
    3. Course technologies
  2. Wednesday, August 22

    1. No class meeting. Participate in the Basecamp thread about your expectations for this class and the state of the web as you understand it in 2018.

Essential Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript; Version Control

Week Two
  1. Tuesday, August 27

    1. Reading discussion and Q&A
    2. Finding inspiration for design and content
    3. Hands-on with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  2. Wednesday, August 29

    1. Introduce first project
    2. Working with plain text and version control (Git)

Foundational Techniques: Semantic Structure; Mobile First

Week Three
  1. Monday, September 3: Labor Day, NO CLASS

  2. Wednesday, September 5

    1. Reading discussion and Q&A
    2. Walk through a web project setup
    3. Setting up Git remotes & SSH keys
    4. Headings, paragraphs, and lists in HTML

Deeper into HTML; Accessibility: General Principles, Touchscreens

Week Four
  1. Monday, September 10

    1. Reading discussion and Q&A
    2. Formatting source code to make it more readable
  2. Wednesday, September 12

    1. CSS fundamentals: syntax, basic properties and values
    2. Additional foundational techniques (and lots of Mozilla Developer Network, MDN, documentation):

CSS; Stylesheet Organization and Mobile-First Design

Week Five
  1. Monday, September 17

    1. Reading discussion and Q&A
    2. Foundational techniques in CSS:
  2. Wednesday, September 19

    1. Introduce second project
    2. Accessibility: General principles, touchscreens
    3. Working with accessible image media in HTML:

CSS: More Typographic Grids; Classic to Approaches Layout

Week Six
  1. Monday, September 24

    1. Conceiving and sketching responsive designs
    2. Overview of SMACSS for organizing stylesheets
    3. Mobile-first design and media queries
  2. Wednesday, September 26

    1. In-progress Project Two presentations
    2. More on typographic grids and vertical spacing
    3. Media queries and responsive layout techniques

CSS: Grid Theory, Classic Approaches to Layout

Week Seven
  1. Monday, October 1

    1. In-progress Project Two presentations
  2. Wednesday, October 3

    1. In-progress Project Two presentations
    2. Grid composition and theory
    3. Old-school page layout with position and float
    4. CSS display: flex A Complete Guide
    5. CSS display: grid A Complete Guide

Feature Detection; Deeper Into Modern Approaches to Layout

Week Eight
  1. Monday, October 8: Fall Break, NO CLASS

  2. Wednesday, October 10

    1. In-progress Project Two presentations
    2. Feature detection with Modernizr, @supports

RWD Refresher; Responsive, Accessible Media

Week Nine
  1. Monday, October 15

    1. In-progress Project Two presentations
    2. Refresher on RWD & media queries
    3. Integrating layout with a mobile-first design approach
  2. Wednesday, October 17

    1. In-progress Project Two presentations
    2. Building a responsive image gallery with Flexbox

JavaScript: A Fuller Introduction

Week Eleven
  1. Monday, October 29

    1. Introduce project three
    2. JavaScript overview
    3. Values and variables in JavaScript
    4. Collections: arrays and objects
    5. JSHint (Web)
  2. Wednesday, October 31

    1. Remote meeting: review and general Q&A

Site Architecture; Unobtrusive DOM Scripting: JavaScript + the Document Object Model

Week Twelve
  1. Monday, November 5

    1. Multipage-site architecture
    2. Navigation: structure, paths, styles
    3. JavaScript control structures
  2. Wednesday, November 7

    1. Accessing the DOM
    2. Unobtrusive JavaScript with event listeners

Web Typography: @font-face, Hosted Solutions

Week Thirteen
  1. Monday, November 12

    1. Web fonts, FOUT, and font-stacks
    2. OpenType features and the limits of (some) free fonts
  2. Wednesday, November 14

    1. Progressively-enhanced approaches to Web fonts, including Web Font Loader events

Work Week

Week Fourteen
  1. Monday, November 19

    1. Open Work Time
  2. Wednesday, November 21: Thanksgiving Break; No Class

Final Project Presentations

Week Fifteen
  1. Monday, November 26

    1. Project presentations
  2. Wednesday, November 28

    1. No class meeting. Stolley available electronically to provide help on final projects.